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The First 1000 Day & Why I Love Yumi Food

Updated: Nov 5, 2023

Why I Considered A Baby Food Subscription?

My girls share 6.5 years of time between their births and so much changed between 30-year old Tash who gave birth to Wisdom vs 36-year old Tash who gave birth to Courage. One of the things that I feel I hear about more and more about this go round is the idea of The First 1000 Days.

Doctors and researchers say that the first 1000 days between a women's pregnancy and her child's 2nd birthday are a window where there is incredible potential to build a foundation for healthy life and development and that the amount of effort that is put into those 1000 days is a direct result of future outcomes.

Nutrition is KEY in playing a role in a child's ability and poor nutrition in the first 1000 days can cause irreversible damage to a child's brain and can set the stage for chronic diseases and illness throughout their life.

As a busy working mom, that can be overwhelming and scary to think about. I am not always aware of my own nutrition and feeding my family can be a circus day to day, so this time around I really wanted to make sure that Courage was getting what she needed and not being over looked in the hustle and bustle of our every day life.

Why Yumi Baby Food Is The Best

That is where Yumi Food comes in. I had been seeing Yumi Food early on, when Courage was first born, in Instagram and Facebook ads and was attracted to how beautiful their food looked, the fun ingredients and all of the creative blends they had, but was SLOOOOOOOW to try them out because I thought "I'll make her food myself." "I can do it for cheaper."

PLOT TWIST: When I made her food, it was boring. Just apples or pears or sweet potatoes and it was not as exciting as the beautiful meals that Yumi Food puts together.

So below, the reasons why I absolutely LOVE getting Yumi's baby food weekly subscription service....

5 Reason I Love My Yumi Baby Food Subscription

1.) The baby food is always is made with thoughtful ingredients and fun fruits and veggies that as mama's we might not think to include (or have easy access to) in our babies diets like Japanese Sweet Potato, Dragonfruit, or Kabocha Squash.

2.) The baby food comes in stages, so you can pick foods based on their ages. Stage 1 is single ingredient purees for early eaters ( 4 months or older) and include 1 single ingredient in puree form. Stage 2 is smooth soups and pies with several different ingredients in puree form for your intermediate eaters (typically 7 months or older) and Stage 3 includes multiple ingredients in chunky purees for more experienced eaters who are used to getting different textures (typically ages 9 months or older). They also have yummy baby finger foods that come in puff and bite size forms for kids to practice picking up and self feeding, similar to the pictures above.

Courage is enjoying the Chickpea Panisse from the Salare X Yumi Collaboration in the pictures above.

3.) You can choose meals based on your baby's milestones. You can handpick the foods you want your child to eat and have all of the things your baby loves and none that they do not.

4.) Yumi Baby Food is made weekly in California and is organic, gluten-free, low in sugar, nutrient dense and so delicious, even mama could eat them.

5.) There is free shipping on every Yumi Baby Food subscription so it's stress-free commitment once you decide to take the leap and all packages come on ice and and are packaged so well. If you can't get through you food in a week, you can always freeze your meals for later consumption and they warm up and serve well even after being frozen (it's been tried and tested ;).

We absolutely LOVE our Yumi Baby Food subscription and are so excited to see Courage explore and enjoy eating. Her palette is so diverse and she will eat ANYTHING which is such a blessing to have a little eater who loves to try and to taste so many different flavors and textures and it makes meal time just a little bit easier when her meals are already taken care of.

What Others Are Saying and Yumi Baby Food Reviews

If you want to check out Yumi Baby Food, head here to read what other parents are saying. If you have any questions at all, please feel free to drop them below and I will be sure to answer them for you!

With strength, courage and wisdom,


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