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When I was just 12. Funnily enough, my love for photos grew because I was rarely in them. Strange, huh? Even as a kid, my mind wandered to dreams of my birth family and the family I'd someday have. My camera became my diary, capturing moments for the future stories I'd tell my children. That future is now. And every click is a new chapter.

Image of a mother and her two daughters at the W Hotel, dressed in dazzling silver outfits, ready to attend Beyonce's Renaissance Tour. They are styled from head to toe in shimmering silver, including matching silver sunglasses and hats, creating a coordinated and glamorous look. The excitement and anticipation for the event are evident in their expressions and poses, capturing a special moment of family bonding and shared enthusiasm for the concert.


I'm half of "Ike and Tash," the heart-and-soul photography team from Tacoma, Washington.


I've got a good 20 years under my belt working with local non-profits in youth development. After nabbing my Master's in Public Action, it hit me hard: I live for leadership development and community connections. I've turned those passions into speaking and coaching gigs, weaving in my life stories and a fresh take on tackling challenges.


Community? It's everything. Our shared stories? They're the glue.

Knowing someone else "gets it" makes our own paths feel a little less rocky.


When I'm not working? Parks, charcuterie boards, scribbling thoughts, exploring new places, and soaking up time with family and friends fill my days. Oh, and if there's ice cream or tacos on the menu, I'm all in.


Life threw me some curveballs early on, but look where we are now! I'm here to share, inspire, and let you in on my journey through business, faith, motherhood, and travel. And hey, I'd love to hear your tales too – let's make this a two-way chat!

Piti, piti, wazo fè nich li.

Little by little, the bird makes its nest. (Meaning: Patience and perseverance lead to results.)

Image of a joyful black family of five, including a mom, dad, and three daughters, all wearing blue and green Seattle Seahawks gear. They are laughing and enjoying a moment together in front of a graffiti wall that mirrors the colors of their outfits. The wall's vibrant blue and green hues complement their team spirit and add a lively, urban backdrop to the family photo. The family's shared laughter and the colorful, artistic setting create a warm, cheerful atmosphere.

Sa ki pa touye ou, a grandi ou.

 What doesn't kill you, strengthens you. (Meaning: Challenges and hardships make you stronger.)

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"Close-up image of a black woman's hands, adorned with distinctive rings, set against an urban backdrop. On one hand, she wears a unique 1982 crest ring, rich in detail and heritage. On the other, an elegant ombre ring, showcasing a gradient of colors. These rings are complemented by her black puffer jacket, adding a modern, urban feel to the image. The city environment in the background, slightly blurred, focuses attention on the intricate details of the rings and the stylish contrast of her jacket."


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