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Holiday Cheer Begins At Home: Why Shopping Local Matters

We're just around the corner from the biggest shopping weekend of the year, and if you're anything like me, your social media feeds, email inbox, and just about everywhere else are flooded with deals and specials. But as we jot down our shopping lists and get ready to spend, I want to bring us back to the heart of the matter and remind you why shopping small is so crucial. It's not just about supporting local business owners; it's about boosting our local economy and making a positive impact on the world. When we choose to shop small, we're doing something big.

Image of a joyful black woman and a little girl standing in front of Curious Bear Toys and Books store, holding a bag filled with gifts. Both are smiling broadly, radiating happiness. The store's facade in the background features playful and colorful signage, enhancing the cheerful atmosphere. The scene captures a special moment of shared joy, likely after a fun shopping experience.

As a fellow small business owner, I understand how crucial this weekend is for many of us. Black Friday can be a game-changer, helping us turn a profit and keep our businesses healthy. It's not just about the daily earnings; this weekend can help cover those extra expenses we all face – an unexpected medical bill, a valuable training course, an essential upgrade for our business, or even a family holiday. When people choose to shop local, it really makes a big difference. It's more than just a sale; it's support that helps our dreams and daily lives.

Here are a few more reasons to keep it local when you shop this weekend and beyond:

Boosts Our Local Economy: Every time you buy from a neighborhood store, you're keeping money right here in our community. This is huge for creating jobs and supporting the small businesses that are the heart of our towns and cities.

Strengthens Community Ties: There's something special about shopping at local stores and markets. It connects us with our neighbors and builds a real sense of community pride. Plus, it's a great way to make new friends and strengthen those community bonds.

Image of the inviting storefront of Stocklist Goods and Gifts in Tacoma. The shop features a large, clear window display showcasing a variety of unique gifts and items. The store's sign is prominently displayed above the entrance, with its name in elegant, easy-to-read lettering. The street view includes a well-maintained sidewalk and a glimpse of the urban surroundings, creating a welcoming atmosphere for shoppers

Good for the Planet: Did you know that shopping locally is also a win for the environment? It cuts down on how far your goods have to travel, which means fewer emissions and less pollution. So, by choosing local, you're helping to keep our planet green and healthy.

Fuels Creativity and Variety: One of the best things about local businesses is their knack for offering something different. You'll find unique products and services that big chains just don't have. This creativity adds color and vibrancy to our community, making it an exciting place to live and shop.

More Than Just a Sale: When you shop local, you're not just another customer – you're a neighbor. Local businesses excel in giving that personal touch. They get to know you, offer recommendations tailored just for you, and help you find exactly what you need. It's shopping with a personal twist.

And now, as we dive into Black Friday, here's a roundup of my favorite local (to Tacoma) spots:

For Clothing:

For Books:

For Toys:

For Experiences:

Gifts and Things:

Image of a confident black woman leaning against the exterior wall of the ETC Tacoma shop. She is stylishly dressed in ETC branded clothing, exuding a relaxed yet fashionable vibe. The shop's signage is partially visible in the background, adding context to the urban, trendy setting

In a nutshell, choosing to shop locally is a powerful way to back our community, care for our planet, and celebrate creativity and diversity. I hope my thoughts have sparked a little inspiration for you to spend your holiday dollars right here at home. Let's make this season about more than just gifts; let's make it about community, care, and unique local charm.

What are some of your fave local businesses? Drop them below so I can add them to my list.

with wisdom and courage, for His glory,



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