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Tash Rebrand 2023- Tacoma-Seattle-2672.jpg
Close-up image of a black woman's hands, adorned with distinctive rings, set against an urban backdrop. On one hand, she wears a unique 1982 crest ring, rich in detail and heritage. On the other, an elegant ombre ring, showcasing a gradient of colors. These rings are complemented by her black puffer jacket, adding a modern, urban feel to the image. The city environment in the background, slightly blurred, focuses attention on the intricate details of the rings and the stylish contrast of her jacket.



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"Cutout image of a black woman stylishly dressed in Tacoma-themed attire. She's wearing a black hat and a brown shirt, both emblazoned with 'Tacoma,' paired with a black skirt and a black puffer jacket. Completing her look are black boots. Her outfit reflects a cohesive, urban style, with a clear nod to Tacoma pride. The cutout format focuses solely on her and her fashion, set against a plain background to emphasize her look."
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