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10 Things To Do With Kids During School Closures (Corona Virus - Covid-19)

Updated: Nov 5, 2023

I've found myself thinking over the last couple of weeks with all that is happening in the world, that it was only a matter of time until my region/state had some something crazy happen. It's been a while since we've been hit with something so it was no surprise to me that the first cases of the newest Corona Virus, Covid-19 hit Washington state first. It's been a really sobering couple of days as things in my city and surrounding areas have started to get closed down and cancelled, most recently with the kids in our community being let out of school for the next 6-weeks. This was not apart of our plan as I am sure it wasn't yours, if you have found your way to the blog, but here we are. We can fret about what is OR we can use this time to intentionally connect with our children and pour into their little lives with this unexpected pause our world is seeing during these times.

I have compiled a quick list of 10 things you can do with your children during these school closures along with some Pinterest Boards to be used as inspiration during this extended break from school:

  1. Cook and Explore Foods With Kids - how often do we get to bring our kids into the kitchen to play around with recipes and foods? Pick one meal a day, assign your child a special role in the kitchen and have fun creating menus together

  2. Keep A Journal of This Time - start journaling this experience, the feelings, thoughts and concerns that you or your children might be having during this shut down. This could be a great time to reflect and think of ways that we can support others during this time

  3. Learn A Language - The United States is one of the only countries in the world where its citizens only know one language. This is the perfect time to start building a foundation for learning an additional language. In our house, we want to learn Creole and French. Now is perfect to explore resources, use post it notes and play games around those languages.

  4. Scrapbook Old Family Memories - how many pictures are sitting in a draw or a shoe box waiting for a home? Go through your house and start framing and displaying pictures, organizing those memories into a scrapbook or family album OR organizing your hard drives in a way that is easily cataloged and can be found when needed or necessary and let the kids in on the fun

  5. Sort Through Old Clothes and Books For Donation - it's Spring Time! If you are stuck inside, go through all of your drawers, closets and toy boxes and create 3 piles - keep, donate, gift and get to sorting items and de-cluttering your home/space

  6. Create a Spring Bucket List - create a list of fun activities and places to visit when life gets back to normal. If we find ourselves quarantined, being outside is going to be a huge wish for our kids - get them thinking about all of the things they can do when this is over and create a list

  7. Try Science Experiments - Google cool science experiments or crafts that can be done at home with regular household items - use this time to teach your kids how things work

  8. Write Imaginative Stories - write stories with your kids. Have them create stories and draw pictures to go with it - give them an opportunity to use their imaginations to dream and come up with cool ideas and stories during this time and illustrate them - never know what kind of cool things may come out of them. Today, I had Wisdom draw out her perfect vacation and I love what she came up with - I might even try to make it happen.

  9. Plan Summer Activities - plan out all of your summer activities, sports and road trips and get your kids involved in the planning

  10. Write Letters and Cards to Friends and Family - send out snail mail. Lots of people are getting bills and other bad news right now, why not be a source of joy and send out letters, cards and pictures to those you love and

a few bonus ideas below

Use this time to educate your kids on Emergency Preparedness and begin organizing and sorting your goods

Avoid turning on screens until 4:30p. This will force both yours and your children's creativity to come to life

Here are some idea lists for sensory activities for your toddlers, screen-free activities for your school aged children and fun recipes to cook with your children while you're home.

I also touched in with Wisdom's teacher to see some ways that we could support continued education at home during this long break, and here are some very real and tangible ways you can support your child outside of the classroom without full-on homeschooling.

  • Listen to Your Kids Read Some of Their Favorite Books

  • Read To Them

  • Discuss It/Talk About Topics That Require Them To Think Critically

  • Limit Aimless Technology

  • Spend Lots of Time Outdoors - we have no idea what is coming, so get all of the fresh air your schedule and your bodies will allow. We are going to need it.

If you need a mock schedule to get into the NEW swing of things, check out this one created by my friend Laura below.

Remember to take good care of yourselves, eat lots of good and healthy foods, listen to your bodies and wash your hands. We are in this together.

I hope you find these ideas helpful as we all prepare to hunker down over the next several weeks. Praying your strengths mamas and papas as you go forth!

With strength, courage and wisdom,


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