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Pregnancy Announcement: We're Having Another Baby!

If you made your way over here, I imagine you have heard that the rumors are true. We are having another baby. At 38-years old, and with a one-year old, we are taking on the life of 3 children and two babies under two. When I thought of my life and what it might look like, I never imagined this, but I cannot tell you how happy and blessed I feel that the Lord is giving us another beautiful life to guide and protect and steward.

Being a mother is the greatest job I have ever had. Growing up without a mother and aging out of foster care, I daydreamed about having a family to love and to love me in return, I never even considered that one day I would be creating that for myself and what a gift this life has been.

I have found great joy, strength and purpose in getting to now and raising Wisdom and Courage Kairos and I am giddy over how this NEW baby will add their special magic to our team.

I can tell you know, based on my 90 days of morning sickness and dragging through life, that personality is coming in bold and strong. They have already made quite an impression.

One of the funnest moments of the last 3-months happened just 2 days ago when we gathered Wisdom & Courage and finally let them in on our news! Wisdom was so shell shocked she didn't believe me and I ended up having to convince her that I was actually pregnant. Not the reaction I expected, but proud of her challenging me and using her critical thinking. I am happy to report that she finally believes me and is overjoyed about being an older sister to Courage and a new brother or sister and she can't (along with the rest of us) wait to find out. Peep the video below.

In the middle of a pandemic, a Civil Rights movement, and quarantine, God blessed us with a new member of our family. We cannot wait to find out who this little person is going to be.

For such a time as this, the countdown begins....

With strength, courage and wisdom,


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