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Happy 4th Birthday to Our Courage Kairos Adore!

I think our kids all carry something special for us. Wisdom made me a mom, Glory brought joy in such an unstable time, but Courage saved me and helped me to believe again. ⁣

Courage came into my life, when I thought it was over, I had nearly died from the flu virus and heart failure, and she helped me see that there truly can be life and life more abundantly after death. ⁣

She is as soft and sensitive as she is confident and strong. She is fiercely independent while being completely tuned in. Courage maintains her boundaries and communicates them so well, while also bringing an awareness to a situation that is beyond her years. ⁣

She gives out love effortlessly, reminding me all day how much she loves me and she is so generous - if you’ve ever had a chance to experience her, you know what I mean.⁣ She picks up on energy and maturely responds to the call - and empath already at the tender age of 4.

She loves Disney Princesses, Diana and Roma, slime and salad. She prefers fruit over candy, dresses and tutus over everything and I just can’t believe this stoic little baby who never would smile has brought so much personality and joy into our lives.⁣

We always tell her that she is the "glue" that holds us all together, the middle that connects Wisdom and Glory and that because of her, the three of them just work. She is the main character!

⁣If you have enjoyed watching Courage or any of our girls grow up, a gift you can give today is following them over on their YouTube page and helping them get to the coveted 1,000 followers so they can start monetizing their account and building their business.

Happy Birthday Courage Kairos Adore, you are truly everything 😍

With wisdom and courage, for His glory,


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