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Newborn Gut Deficiency: What You Need to Know

Updated: Nov 5, 2023

This post is sponsored by Evivo, but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

The longer I live, the more I am coming to understand that what we put inside our bellies matters and what is happening in our gut is usually the foundation for what is happening in the rest of our bodies. What I do for myself is important, but starting these habits early with my daughters is even more critical so they can avoid gut health-related problems and issues that I experience. This is why I put heavy focus on establishing good gut health early on for my 3rd daughter, Glory.

Due to modern medical practices, when babies are born, they no longer have the good bacteria in their gut that can help prevent long-term health issues. Did you know that bad bacteria in a baby’s gut is linked to a higher risk of diaper rash, colic, eczema, allergies and autoimmune diseases?

A recent study published by Scientific Reports shows 9 out of 10 babies are born with Newborn Gut Deficiency. Over the course of 6 months, researchers observed both the fecal matter of newborns as well as their gut bacteria’s ability to use the breast milk that babies receive from their mothers, and found that most of the newborns were missing the presence of good gut material in their bellies.

When babies are born their guts are blank slates so they build up bacteria in their gut. If what they are consuming turns into bad bacteria, there has to be a way for them to get the “good bacteria” in, and that means getting help from parents/caretakers. The researchers showed that most, if not all babies, were missing the specific bacteria B. infantis, which is a kind of bacteria that plays a major role in developing the health and immune system of infants. This particular bacteria and its health benefits are the focus of Evivo.

All of my girls suffer from eczema, and my second daughter, Courage, was colicky, so I wanted to do all I could to support Glory on her feeding journey by being intentional about her gut health and to make a concerted effort to establish good gut health from the start.

With Evivo, I am able to do that. Evivo is a daily probiotic made specifically for babies that contains activated B. infantis EVC001*, a superior strain of B. infantis, that is clinically proven to create a protective environment for baby’s gut, safeguard baby’s short and long-term health and is recommended by top pediatricians, lactation consultants and parents like me and you!

Only Evivo contains the superior strain of B. infantis EVC001* and is shown to reduce bad gut bacteria by 80%. In fact, a new publication reveals moms giving their baby Evivo:

65% of moms report a decrease in colic symptoms, such as gassiness and fussiness, after giving baby Evivo. 52% notice baby’s nighttime sleep is longer/more consistent 63% notice less/no gas or fussiness 72% notice less/no diaper rash

Poor gut health can cause gassiness and bloating, diaper rash, and colic and sleep disruptions, making it challenging for both mama and baby to navigate through the leaps of the development journey. Using Evivo everyday decreases that risk, and is just one more special way to care for my little one - and it's easily mixed into breastmilk for mess free feeding.

I have used Evivo every single day since Glory was around six weeks old, and it’s been so easy to incorporate into my breastfeeding schedule and has helped make her less gassy, less colicky and ensures that she is getting the good bacteria in her gut that she can’t develop solely on her own.

With so much on my plate, there is no way I can do it all for Glory, although I want to. But knowing that her gut health is covered by Evivo is such a relief.

Have you experienced any of the issues above with your little one? Are you currently using a baby probiotic? Drop your responses in the comments and let's get the convo going. To check out Evivo click this link ( to learn more about Evivo and use my discount code (BLOG9F2K4Z) for $10 off a one month starter kit or (BLOGG87968) to get $20 off a two month or greater starter kit to try it for yourself!

I hope you found this post helpful and learned a few reasons why I continue to make gut health a priority for myself AND my little ones and that it is a priority (now) for yours, too.

With courage and wisdom, for His glory,


*B. infantis EVC001 out-performs other commercially-available B. infantis strains lacking important functions of the H5 cluster


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