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Made Of: Organic Baby Products - A Review

Updated: Nov 5, 2023

This time around at motherhood, I wanted to do my best to recycle as many of Wisdom’s things as I could, so I was thrilled when we found out at birth that we were having a girl because I knew that would be possible. With my second baby, I wanted to also do my very best to buy organic and non-toxic as often as possible. When researching brands that I could count on to meet my needs, I was so excited when I came across MADE OF.

MADE OF is the safest organic baby skincare and diapering brand on the market.  In addition, they’re the most transparent about what is going into the products they make. They disclose the origin and safety of each ingredient, test results and factory locations on each product page of their website, like the picture above, and all of their products are made from plant based ingredients, certified by the organizations that count AND they provide full disclosure of ALL products and those products are made right here in the United States.

When you log into their site and click on a product you can immediately see the certificates, the ingredients listed, the tests run on the product and the factory where it was made.

MADE OF sent me two products of their line to try out. Their Soothing Organic Nipple Cream and a pack of their Better Baby Diapers in Size 2. What I love about the products is how simple they are, no nonsense but effective.

Their diapers are marketed as a diaper that is made better with "simple white construction," they are 10-hours leak free guaranteed and have a wetness indicator. They are unique because they aren't made with all of the toxins and chemicals that other diapers known to be made with and they are safe for babies to sit in long-term. When getting the diaper, I noticed that they felt different from other diapers I have used before. When Courage was born, we had a Honest Diaper subscription, but as soon as she started consuming more milk and eating purees the Honest Diapers didn't hold up anymore and we often found her with a blow out or leaky diaper, so as CUTE as those Honest diapers are they just don't cut it over here. Although I didn't test the MADE OF diapers for 10 hours (because Courage doesn't sleep 10 hours straight and I wouldn't leave her in a diaper that long for fun) we did get a couple of really good wet diapers and had no issues. The diapers held up and held in all of her liquids. It also has a wetness indicator which I love because it makes it easy and convenient to know when its time to make a change (one thing lacking from the honest ones). The last thing that I have come to appreciate about the diaper, that I never thought I would is the fact that its a simple white color. As a photographer, I love when things are clean and minimal and these diapers are just that.

Their nipple cream has quickly become my favorite of the nipple creams I have tried. I love the way it feels on my skin, it isn't sticky and doesn't cause my breast to stick to other fabrics. It is lightweight and deals with cracking and splitting fast. Recently, Courage's latch changed as she is getting older and learning how to navigate the breast and breastfeeding with new little teeth. The MADE OF nipple cream was my go to to soothe my raw nipples. The nipple cream is made from all organic ingredients using organic plant oils and butters and made without allergens that could potentially impact your baby like soy, nuts, lanolin or gluten. I absolutely LOVE the nipple cream and will forever and always have it in my diaper bag or purse.

I love how natural MADE OF products are and I look forward to trying some of their other stuff, but I appreciate the confidence I have knowing that with every product I purchase, my baby is at the forefront of this company's mind and so is providing jobs to people here in the United States. Those are two things that really stand out to me.

If you like what you are reading here, there are 3 unique ways to purchase made of products. You can grab them in store, through a subscription on their website or ala carte.

MADE OF products are available on and and and if you are hoping to get your hands on these products today, you can, because MADE OF products are now available at your local Target and Buy Buy Baby stores. 

Below is a quick video of me using their product and a close up of my FAVORITE nipple cream.

with strength, courage and wisdom,


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