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Listening to Lucky Charms Magical Mission Podcast

Updated: Nov 5, 2023

I am a sucker for nostalgia and anytime I can give my girls a peek into my childhood, I run toward the opportunity. I love traditions and being able to build meaningful connections between my upbringing and theirs, so when I heard about Lucky Charms Magical Mission Podcast I was so excited for the opportunity to bring them into a little bit of my childhood world.

Growing up, Lucky Charms was my favorite cereal that I got on special occasions so to have a podcast experience that brings Lucky to life and the magical world he is from and to be apart of the story is such a fun and unique idea.

The NEW interactive podcast follows Lucky as he restores imagination and magic back to the 8 charm lands. It highlights Lucky's adventure as he navigates different challenges, meets different characters like the Wise Old Wizard Tree in the Magical Forest, the goblin, a skunk and sloth and our MOST favorite character, the unicorn (because girls LOL) on his quest to bring magic back to the lands and the coolest and most important character is YOU the listener as you help Lucky make decisions that direct his path and decision-making along the way.

Because my children are 6 years apart, one is 7-years old and the other is one, there are few things that they can enjoy together. Every morning we try to start the morning off reading a book for 20 minutes, but the last few weeks listening to Lucky’s Magical Mission has been a really sweet way to not only connect, but experience “story time” in a unique way.  The girls love it when we wake up, make breakfast and gather around Alexa to hear where we are headed on our next adventure and it's really cool because both girls can get into it. Since we're staying home and staying safe, this has been a really amazing way to mix things up and to provide a special moment and even our littlest listener gets to join in on the fun! 

Since listening to the podcast, one lesson my kids have taken away from the story is to finish what we start no matter what. No matter how hard, frustrating or hopeless a project, goal situation may seem - we finish what we start and set out to complete the mission no matter what.

I've noticed my oldest more committed and focused on following all the way on chores, or request from her father and I and even MORE amazing, she has been intentional about spending more time with her sister, playing, reading and interacting with her in ways that make sense to her and making sure it benefits and builds connection between the two of them. I have loved starting our mornings this way, because it has been a positive time of light and laughter first thing in the morning. It has also made the kitchen the heartbeat of our home, because our Alexa is housed there, everyone find their way into the kitchen to hang out. A perfect way to ease into the day in a fun way.

The podcast is now available on Amazon Alexa and Google Home. You can also find the episodes on Spotify & Apple Podcasts.  You can access the episodes simply by saying “Alexa, open Lucky Charms Magical Mission” or

I hope you will join us on this adventure. We could all use a little extra magic in our lives.

with strength, courage & wisdom,


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