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Help Us Celebrate Courage's 1st Birthday And Do Good.

Updated: Feb 6, 2020

When thinking about Courage's birthday,  and looking at the last year of her life, we knew that throwing a party that she wouldn't remember and acquiring stuff that she doesn't need wasn't the way we wanted to go.   No shade to anyone who loves a good ole birthday celebration, but in the last year, the Lord has really called us to minimize and to function with less.

We wanted to do something for Courage's birthday that could be meaningful and have an impact and after weeks of thinking about what that could be, our hearts remembered Sant Espwa.

Sant Espwa is a non-profit based in Haiti that serves children and their families, by providing leadership, education and job creation opportunities.   One of the most unique things Sant Espwa does is provide opportunities for children to supplement school programming.

In Haiti, it cost $600 annually for a child to attend this program.   As I began to think about how we could be a force for good,  I thought what better way than to provide a young person, who desires to learn, an opportunity to go through Sant Espwa's programming on behalf of Courage.    Our girls will never have to wonder if they can attend a school or if the resources will be there for them to have the support they need, in fact, in the states it's quite the opposite.  Here, they will track you down if you miss school and there are major consequences if a child isn't doing their job, which is to learn.

Above is a picture of 6-year old Kethura.   She is in the first grade and desires to attend programming through Sant Espwa.   Her mother has been waiting for a sponsor for months, she doesn't work because she also has a 4-year old daughter, Kethura's little sister.   Her father works hard on a taptap, which is a form of local transportation in Haiti and we want to help!  

My ask:  in honor of Courage turning one AND our Haitian roots, help Courage make a donation to Sant Espwa to send little Kethura through their programming for the next year. 

My plan is to go to Haiti in the fall and I hope to volunteer time with Sant Espwa and hopefully meet beautiful Kethura in person.

No presents.  No party.  No expensive party dress.  Just setting the tone for Courage to learn to put the focus on someone else and do good in this world. 

If 240 people donate $5 - we can make sure this little girl gets to attend.  Any amount big or small will bless us.  If we raise more than the $650 we will make the full donation to support another child through the program OR we will pay for additional time for Kethura to keep going beyond the year. 

This is such a meaningful way to celebrate the last 365 days with our sweet girl and I thank you in advance for loving her and celebrating with us by making a donation. 

Please join us as we continue to pray for the work that Sant Espwa is doing and for our beautiful Haiti as it continues to rebuild.   

"Men anpil, chay pa lou." - Haitian Proverb

translated "many hands make light work."

with strength, courage and wisdom,


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