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Heartbeats to Hashtags: Charting My 5-Year Growth as a Mother, Blogger, and Brand Influencer

Updated: Nov 2, 2023

It's wild to think that five years ago, I thought my life was over. I didn't have enough foresight to consider that every beginning comes from a seasons end, but five years ago, life presented me with its harshest challenges and its most beautiful gifts, all at once. I had just weathered the storm of heart failure, an experience that taught me the fragiity and preciousness of life.

Amidst that turmoil, life brought me Courage, a miracle baby I was told I could never have. As I cradled Courage in my arms, I felt the stirrings of a new beginning, a narrative that was waiting to be penned down.

Starting my blog, affectionately named after Wisdom and Courage, my precious daughters, was my way of navigating this whirlwind of emotions and was meant to be more than just a collection of posts. It was my love letter to them, a guarantee that the wisdom I was gleaning from life's lessons, and the courageous steps I was taking in the joys of motherhood, could live on just in case I didn't. Stories and memories of our adventures, advice I could leave of a path I was charting with them in mind. Especially significant for someone like me, who was navigating the complex maze of motherhood without the roadmap of a family legacy.

In the midst of all of this, an Ancestry DNA test dropped another revelation in my lap. My Haitian heritage, a revelation that filled me with wonder yet also with a deep-seated yearning. Discovering my Haitian roots was exhilarating, but it also left me with a void. Who was my family? Where were they?

While grappling with these profound questions, I took baby steps into the world of influencing. With a decade-long legacy in photography, I felt a longing for transformation, for a fresh identity. I never imagined the places this journey would take me!

Flash forward to today, and it's incredible to witness the tapestry of my life. I’m now a mom to three amazing girls, with little Glory brightening our every day.

My passion for photography has been complemented by exhilarating partnerships with big names like Disney, Alaska Airlines, Lexus, and even cozy brands like Papa Murphy’s.

From being a mother to three radiant souls, to achieving professional pinnacles that I'd once only dreamt of. I’ve woven narratives with brands that align with my ethos, creating content that resonates with both my heart and my audience.

One of my proudest achievements? My very own children's book. But the icing on the cake has to be reconnecting with my roots. Discovering my father, sisters, and a whole tribe waiting for me was like finding a piece of my soul I never knew was missing.

Today, I stand as a bridge between my past and my present, having found my father, embracing four wonderful sisters, and reuniting with a family that completes my identity. They're the missing pieces that fit perfectly into my life's puzzle, offering a sense of belonging I'd yearned for.

Humbled and grateful for every twist and turn of this journey. The hardships made me resilient, the surprises kept me hopeful, and all of you? You've been my anchor, the quiet strength behind every leap I took.

Sitting here, typing away, I’m overwhelmed with gratitude. Grateful for the challenges that molded me, the windfalls that uplifted me, and most importantly, you – my readers, my community, my pillars of support. Each one of you has played an instrumental role, cheering from the sidelines, TRULY being the wind beneath my wings.

So, here's raising a toast to this incredible journey, to the tapestry of memories we've woven, and to the countless adventures that the future holds. Your unwavering support, your faith in me, has been the cornerstone of my journey. From the core of my being, thank you for choosing to be a part of my life's adventures 💖.

Cheers to 5 years! Here's to 5 incredible more!

Welcome to my NEXT season! Let's walk it out together!

with wisdom and courage, for His glory,



What a beautiful re-introduction of who you are Tasha! Honestly I stopped in my tracks when you wrote " It was my love letter to them, a guarantee that the wisdom I was gleaning from life's lessons, and the courageous steps I was taking in the joys of motherhood, could live on just in case I didn't" what a way to turn Lemons to lemonade and look at the legacy you are building! I'm excited to continue rooting for you

Tash Haynes
Tash Haynes
Nov 08, 2023
Replying to

Thank you so much for your heartfelt words. I am genuinely touched by your response to my post.

It's readers like you who inspire me to turn introspection into expression, and your encouragement means the world to me. Writing that piece felt like a deep dive into the soul of my experiences, and knowing that it resonated with you is both comforting and empowering.

The journey of life does indeed present us with its fair share of lemons, and I am humbled to share how I've managed to find the sweetness among the sour, especially in the rich role of motherhood.

Your support fuels my desire to continue this legacy of wisdom and courage, and I am so grateful to…

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