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The Business of Being a Creator: What It Means To Be a Solo-prenuer in A Passion Economy

Updated: Oct 29, 2023

More and more people are choosing career paths in the passion economy, but aren't equipped with the education or technology to maximize their gifts to create the life they love while doing the work they enjoy.

Traditional jobs are incredible, but people want to work in spaces and places that fuel their fire, make a difference and make them happy. I know that is why I chose the path of a solopreneur and it's why, even with all of the risks involved, I have continued on this journey for so many years. 2021 marked my 11th year as a full-time entrepreneur and through the sleepless nights and hard times, it's a choice I would make over and over again.

I love having control over my time. The autonomy over my schedule has made it so that I can be home with my three kids, take on special projects that I am passionate about, support my community in an intentional and deep way and live the type of life I always dreamed of. The tasks are always different and I find myself stretched and challenged by new ways of doing, being and moving through the world. Using my creative gifts to fund my lifestyle is truly a dream come true, but being a creative creator is only 20% of the reality of this world. Eighty percent of the job is the real BUSINESS of creativity, and I truly believe that that is the difference between those who find success in this business and those who are still seeking it. I had to learn early on to see what I had come to know as personal gifting, as services being provided and to manage my creative endeavors the way any other business person would run their company: the difference? I am the owner and the product, I am the service and the provider.

So below, three easy ways to start to reimagine your creative passions and to think of them with a business mindset and show up as a partner and provide a professional-caliber service and experience with those that you work with:

  • Establish a mission/vision statement and mindset for your business. Most passion based creatives stumble onto their talents, versus planning for them in a traditional sense. Business ends up happening TO them instead of them leading their business first. Instead of finding yourself in a state of overwhelm constantly working to keep up with what your business is doing, stop and come up with a plan. Establish a mission statement for your business that highlights its purpose and how it will serve you and your ideal client. Craft out a vision statement and a long-term plan for where you hope to see your business go. These will be the tools that will help you filter opportunities, decisions, ideas and concepts through. It is your roadmap for success and the growth and scale of your ideas. This will also keep you from working hard with no real purpose or goal in mind. Mission/vision statements are living documents that need constant updates and changes as your business stretches and grows, so make sure to revisit it annually to be sure you are still in alignment.

  • Set goals for your business. Set financial goals, but also set goals around growth, around scaling and around workflow. What do you want to accomplish and how do you want to get there? What are you willing to sacrifice and how hard are you willing to work? Do you want this to be a full-time endeavor or part-time? Do you want employees or to go at it alone? Do you see yourself in the role you are in now, or will you evolve into something else? Dream about what your business can do and then decide how far you want to take it. A vision, with no tangible goals or ways to get to them is just a dream, so make those dreams reality by constantly setting S.M.A.R.T. but measurable goals.

  • Put systems in place to get the work done. There is NOTHING like outsourcing and often we think of outsourcing as large scale, but so many simple tasks can be outsourced using technology. Finding the tools that make managing our workflows easier should be something all businesses/creators seek to do. The less we do, the more we can focus on the things that matter most - being creative and getting our message out there. I love using different apps and online tools to lighten my load and automate my tasks. It clears my mind and allows me to bring my best to the table doing the things that mean the most to me.

One of the ways I have been able to maximize and really navigate being a multi-passionate solopreneur is using Lumanu. Lumanu makes collaboration easy, collaborative, and fun. It simplifies how creators do business with secure and straightforward tools that take the hassle out of invoices, payments, and collaborations. Lumanu handles the “operations stuff,” freeing creators up to be creative and to focus on the “creative stuff.” Lumanu helps get creators paid quickly, easily, and with no fees, and it makes collaborating with partners a turnkey process, providing helpful insights and equipping creators with the knowledge they need to evolve their businesses.

All of the tools are designed with a creator-first approach and it's not just for influencers, but can also be used by musicians, graphic designers, gamers, stylists, and more to manage their businesses at every stage. Often creative solopreneurs lack the systems and tools they need to really take their businesses to the next level, and I am so happy Lumanu exists to help us get there. I have no idea where I would be without it.

Remember that behind every great business, entrepreneur and creator is a person, and behind every client, brand and partnership is another person seeking a relationship. Nothing is more valuable or serves as a better advantage or secret weapon in business than how you steward your relationships, so why not let Lumanu handle the other stuff, so that you can focus on what matters most?

And now through September 17th, Lumanu will be hosting a week-long “back to school” themed campaign focusing on topics around “The Business of Creation." Each day of the week will highlight a specific topic and feature thought leaders and creators points of view, tips, and education on how to be a professional creative freelancer in the passion economy and how Lumanu’s technology/products/services can help creators run their business with max efficiency and success.

To get exclusive access to Lumanu, click here and use access code "TashHaynes" to get started.

Are there any lessons you learned when starting your creative business? Are there any secret hacks that have made your journey easier? Share in the comments.

With strength, courage and wisdom, for His Glory,


*This blog is sponsored by Lumanu but all of the opinions in it are mine and mine alone.


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