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Happiest 2nd Birthday Glory Ayiti Adore!

Two years of being bossed around by my favorite tiny human who barely has 5 words but who SPEAKS and loudly.

Not me thinking because she was the 3rd girl, she would slide in and just fall in line. 🥴

Sis was born in the middle of the pandemic, on a historic day (in Haitian history) and popped into our world to the front of the line and RUNS the whole house and everyone in it 👀

I guess when Revolution is in your blood AND your name, you figure out who you are and what you’re made of early.

My little powerhouse. Full of joy. Smiles and laughter. You bring so much to our world and you were the perfect little soul to complete the most beautiful trifecta I’ve ever known. You add so much to our lives and given so much to the world. You are light and love Glo!

Glory has been a force from the beginning. Full of joy and laughter, but no nonsense and always VERY clear on who and what she wants. Today on her second birthday, she loves watching "Yo Gabba Gabba," going on walks, eating food - her favorites? anything that goes in her mouth - especially if it belongs to someone else.

She loves Mickey and Minnie Mouse, taking off her diaper and surprising us all, driving her sister Courage up the wall and nap time with mommy. If there is something to touch, take apart or break, she is on her way toward it. Her dad makes her laugh the most and her big sister Wisdom smothers her with more kisses and hugs then she can handle, almost always. She loves FaceTime and Portal calls with her Aunt Mimi and cousins and is known to take the phone and make those calls herself to her grandma and Papa, and if there is music playing, she's gonna always get up and dance.

Glory Ayiti Adore, I cannot wait to see who you become.

Happy 2nd Birthday sweet one!

With wisdom & courage, for His glory,


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