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A Real Review: Baby Jogger New Athleisure-Inspired Barre Collection City Mini GT2 Stroller

Picking a stroller might be one of the toughest decisions a parent has to make. There are so many different companies, features and kinds, it's hard to anticipate what you will need and which stroller will fit into your lifestyle best. I have done this mommyhood journey twice AND I am on to my 3rd, and I can tell you that over the course of the last 8 years, we have seen at least 5-6 different strollers, all serving us in different stages of our children's growth and meeting our needs in different ways, but who wants to spend all of that money on experimenting? I know I don't.

That is why I was thrilled when Baby Jogger reached out to me and asked me to try out their NEW Athleisure- Inspired Barre Collection City Mini GT2 stroller. As we prepare to become parents once again, but this time raising two under two, I have NEW questions about how to manage the needs of three kids under three and doing it as easily and conveniently as possible to match our busy lifestyle and I think this Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 stroller MIGHT just be the answer.

I have been using the stroller for just over 2.5 months and firstly, I LOVE how lightweight it is. It weight about 21lbs, less than my toddler and is easy to handle. Everything I need to do with the stroller can be done easily one-handed, which is important to me because I am usually carrying a bag and holding Courage at the same time. I need a stroller that can set up and in less then a minute and break down even faster than that and it's so compact and lays really flat so it isn't bulky in the trunk of my SUV or my car.

I also love how safe and comfortable it is for my baby girl. It holds a child up to 65lbs and includes a 5-point harness to keep Courage safe and secure. She isn't falling out of this one and she can't easily undo the straps or hooks on her own. It super cozy, and reclines into almost a near-flat position which means that if we are out during nap time, she can easily sleep through with no problem and the adjustable calf support means that her legs aren't flopping around and that this stroller will go with her as she grows.

The stoller is also SO easy to navigate. I can steer it with one hand and it works on almost all terrain because of the all-wheel suspension and the forever air rubber tires, which means I never have to worry about whether this stroller can get the job done, whether I am working out, taking a stroll through the neighborhood or hiking Mt. Rainier, it has the juice and can keep up.

Because I live in the Pacific Northwest, we get all four seasons. With the canopy that offers protection from the sun, as well as cover from the rain, I don't feel stuck at home unable to get out and move. I know that she will be protected from the harsh elements, while also enjoying nature.

My absolutely favorite thing about this Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 Stroller is how thoughtfully design it is. It's a sleek design with premium leatherette detailing and those choices give this stroller a really modern and fashion-forward design. I love using it. It not only feels good to navigate, but it looks good and any baby product that doesn't look babyish, is a win for me.

It's really nice knowing that when Courage grows out of this stroller, that the new baby can easily take over. All we have to do is add a Baby Jogger Infant Car Seat using the included infant car seat adapters (car seat sold separately) and we can go anywhere from day one, this is truly a stroller that grows through life with you!

Since getting this stroller, I have found myself excited to go out. It doesn't feel like a burden or a struggle to get out of the house and move. I used to struggle because taking out the stroller felt like such a heavy burden, because strollers of the past have been, clunky, heavy, and hard to navigate, but that isn't the case with this City Mini GT2 stroller.

It really has helped me to get up, get out and get moving, with all of my babies in tow.

If you are in the market for a new stroller, I 100% recommend this NEW Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 stroller. It has been one of the best things to happen to us this year. As a family, we even fight over who gets to push the stroller, because it's just that fun. LOL.

Do you have baby products that have made your life easier? Have you ever tried Baby Jogger products? Do you have any questions about the City Mini GT2 stroller? Sound off in the comments and I will be sure to answer.

In the meantime, I am headed out for a walk to #UnsettleDown.

With strength, courage and wisdom,


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