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Tash's Travel Tips: Where to Stay in Palm Springs: The Saguaro Hotel

Updated: Mar 6, 2020

It's no secret that I love Palm Springs and it's even less of a secret that I absolutely LOVE The Saguaro Hotel, but I come by that honestly. My relationship started many years ago with this hotel when I flew down to Scottsdale to visit a dear friend and booked my stay at their Scottsdale location. Ike and I were just a few years into our business, and months into parenting when we decide to rebrand our business from Latasha Haynes Photography to what you might present day know as Ike and Tash. We hired a talented videographer, Ale Vidal and she created a film for us that spread like wildfire, telling our story as photographers and as a family.

Since 2013, I have logged a total of 6 stays at both hotels over the last six years. Saguaro is a special place for me, for my family and my community. I had a girl's weekend with my sister and best friend there, celebrated my birthday in Palm Springs and my daughter's in Scottsdale and hosted a 200+ conference called BLINK back in 2016. It has been a fun place to go and soak up the sun, re-cant special memories, educate and be inspired.

Recently, I was invited down to the Palm Springs location to check out all of the new upgrades and refreshes they have made to that location and hear about the future of the brand and where they hope to take it. I truly had no idea what I was signing up for when I said "yes." I was wildly surprised when I found out that they had curated a guest list of people who they felt were supporters of the hotel and who's opinions they valued, and I was honored to be one of them

Although I love this hotel and can completely approach this from a biased perspective, I am going to try really hard to put my own memories aside to give you a recap of "why Saguaro?" over so many other places in the Palm Springs desert and maybe you'll start to understand why I just keep on going back.


Saguaro is one of the most colorful hotels on the West Coast. Since my first visit in 2015, I have seen this hotel become a social media frenzy, a "must do" on every Instagrammer's Palm Springs list. The colors of the hotel are vibrant and fun. It makes you happy to be surrounded by them and in the last couple of years, I can see the expansion of that color and those details into every area of the hotel. The attention to detail and creating art pieces that coincide and compliment what has made the hotel unique is incredible and one little known fact, much of the new touches and art pieces around the hotel were done by artist-in-residence and locals.


Now, the rooms of the past weren't terrible to me and it's not that I am easy to please, but I recognize that I am not at Saguaro to stay in my room, so the old rooms were never a hang up, but I can see how they would be for someone who is expecting the amenities and outside appearance to match up, and it's obvious that the hotel also felt that pressure, which is why they moved forward with the refresh.

A little sneak peek below:

I absolutely LOVE the rooms now. They have been redecorated to add a more neutral but modern feel and the splash of color that we all have come to know and love is still there, but utilized through the art work and in the collateral. Clean and minimal, but great impact.

Again, what I love about the room refreshes is the thought they put into the details and the emphasis on Palm Springs and all that is available there and the gem that the hotel is in the midst of all of that.


Saguaro has four options for food, El Jefe, Rocco's Electric and poolside. You can also order room service, which is always very tasty and fast. Although I didn't take advantage of room service this stay, I have in the past and have never been disappointed.

El Jefe is know for its tequila and Mexican street food. Think tacos, Mexican corn, the yummiest meats and tortilla chips, your ultimate "taco Tuesday'' destination, but available every day all day and just minutes from your hotel room door or in your hotel bed, another fabulous option.

Rocco's Electric breakfast and brunch spot, think amazing Avocado toast, smoothie bowls and the most amazing chorizo breakfast tacos. You can enjoy this in your room or out on the patio surrounded by beautiful outdoor fireplaces in winter, spring, summer or fall.

Pool Bar food and drink at a moments notice from the two incredible on site restaurants without every having to life a finger.


Saguaro has one of the best pools in Palm Springs. Family friendly, fun music, pool floaties, cabanas (complete with television), incredible food (as mentioned above), two hot tubs and its so totally photogenic. Every angle is picturesque and as a mom, a photographer, a conference host and a blogger, it makes me so happy. In addition to the pool, you can take advantage of SO many of the outdoor spaces, hammocks, bochi ball, the fire-pits, picnic tables and so much more.

My most recent trip, I got a chance to take advantage of one of the cabanas and it is TRULY such a vibe! Talk to the pool manager to find out the cost for rental before your stay or rent one by visiting here


The Saguaro Hotel boast a plethora of different amenities through the hotel that include:

  • tons of special events - so be sure to check the hotel calendar when you book to see what's happening

  • a spa

  • bike rentals

  • daily yoga

  • a gift shop

  • day beds & cabanas

  • wedding, meeting & event space


A quick 10 minute drive to Downtown Palm Springs, Saguaro is perfectly located to access all of the fun that being in Palm Springs has to offer. You can easily access all that the cool Palm Spring-y things and it's just a short 45 minute to 1 hour drive to all of those cool locations you have heard about, like Salvation Mountain, Bombay Beach and Joshua Tree National Park to name a few.


I love this hotel for so many reason, all of which are listed above, but what I love most is the service. I have personally stayed at the Palm Springs location four times and every time I feel truly accommodated and looked after. The staff is friendly, flexible and enthusiastic to make sure your experience is one to remember. It will forever and always hold such a special place in my heart.

And just in case you are are planning your own trip to Palm Springs, here are a few things I have loved over the years:


Off Road Rentals (safe enough for 4 year old Wisdom to participate)


I hope you found this blog helpful and that it can be the start of a guide for your own exciting weekend away in Palm Springs. If you found any of my tips or info helpful, be sure to tell me in the comments!

With strength, courage and wisdom,


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