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Using Vrbo To Plan The Perfect Family Vacay

Updated: Aug 4, 2021

It been almost exactly two years since my family has been on a REAL family vacation, and with the reality of COVID-19 still looming, hopping on a plane to get out and explore the world makes me a little nervous. In my eight years of motherhood, I have always had the opportunity to travel at will, so I raised Wisdom to travel well. With COVID-19 dropping in late 2019, we were just starting to jump into travel as a family of four, when we suddenly had to stop, so Courage (and now Glory) have very little to no travel experience or muscle to flex.

This is why I was thrilled to partner with Vrbo to plan the perfect maiden voyage family vacation for my little crew to one of our FAVORITE family destinations, Palm Springs, and get my newest little ladies acquainted with the travel life. Vrbo was a natural partnership for me because I already am familiar and use Vrbo to plan family vacations and I am always so thrilled by the outcome. My first Vrbo vacation was in 2014, when my family photographed and vacationed on the island of Bermuda. We stayed in a cottage in St. David and had the most incredible experience. I love that when you book a Vrbo, it gives you a first hands look into the daily life of the locals, and that is what makes a vacation, a vacation for me, being immersed in a place, like a resident, if only for a few days.

After a little thought, we realized what would make the trip MUCH more fun and memorable would be inviting my sister and her family along. With travel restrictions keeping us apart most of 2020, my girls were missing her wild and fun personality, their singing uncle and their cousin who are their best friends. Finding lodging that can accommodate our little families, with the amenities we love, would normally be really challenging, but not with Vrbo. Vrbo make it so easy for families to vacation because there are so many rentals available for larger families with the fun things that make getaways cool, which is really amazing, especially if you are looking for a budget friendly vacation that everyone can get involved in. Vrbos will always be the WHOLE home so travelers have the space and privacy to connect with their family and make lasting memories together. Vrbo basically takes the guess work out of it and makes it easier for families to travel better together.

For our family vacation, we chose a villa in the Old Movie Colony of Palm Springs. The villa came complete with pool, hot tub, plenty of green space and gardens, outdoor fire place and very large rooms with their own private bathrooms.

I started planning for the vacation in late spring and was able to create Trip Boards for houses that had all of the different things I desired. I knew I wanted a pool for the kids and a hot tub for the adults, green space for the kids to play, and plenty of areas where folks could isolate to connect, work or have some quiet time.

Because our children range from infant to teenager, I wanted to make sure there was enough room for the kids to be kids, but for the adults to find peace. Once I decided what that looked like, I used the app to put in my filters, and it narrowed down to all the homes that met my expectations. I was able to share my Trip Boards with my family, and they were able to make their comments on the houses I choose.

You can check out a bit of that process here

We had a BLAST in Palm Springs, cooking together, laughing, swimming and honestly doing nothing. Sometimes vacation is less about the location and all about the people, but with a dope surrounding there’s permission to bring our best self to the table. My kids had the vacation of a lifetime, and it was so amazing to watch them take ownership, cook for the adults and clean up around the house (also showed me what I was missing from my day to day life, but that’s another blog post LOL ). We had so much fun, that we plan to make our Palm Springs vacation an annual deal, how’s that for being influenced?

Wanna rent this villa? Check out the link here

You can head over to Vrbo now and start using the Trip Boards with your vacation crew to plan the perfect family vacation for you and your loved ones and with Vrbo’s available for booking in over 190 countries, no destination is off limits. Click the link below to see a quick 30 second recap of our family vacation and start daydreaming about yours.

To see a cool 30 second video recap of our trip, click here

Have you ever used Vrbo? Would you consider using Vrbo for your next family vacation? Do you have any questions about my experience? Drop them below in the comments and I would be happy to answer them for you. If you are looking for fun places to eat, hang out and explore in Palm Springs, make sure to read my Palm Springs re-cap over here, and if you found this blog post helpful, let me know in the comments.

With wisdom and courage, for His glory,


*although this post is sponsored by Vrbo, all of the opinions expressed are my own.

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