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Birthing Wisdom & Courage: The Why Behind This Blog

Updated: Nov 5, 2023

As I look back on my life and reflect, I can see that wisdom and courage have always been a part of me. They have been the two virtues that I have carried through every part of my life and they have guided me to this point. I came into this world needing everything that wisdom had to offer (and the courage to carry it out). It would be easy for me to believe that my life has been more challenging because of the circumstances on which I entered it (you can read more about that here). As I have grown and learned, I realized that we all are dealing with life's difficult situations. We are all handed a healthy dose of adversity to work through no matter how our life begins, how much privilege we carry in the world or how happy we may seem to those who are watching. It's in rising above that adversity and grabbing hold of our destiny that we start to see both wisdom and courage at work. Instead of being victims of our circumstance, we take power over it.

"Wisdom is the good judgment to consider how today's choices may determine how we confront the future and it applies knowledge and takes creative and courageous action."

If I have learned anything in almost 40 years of life, it has been to be open to continuous growth and to trust the things that I am being called to by God. In 2017, after facing one of the biggest difficulties of my life and almost dying (more on that here), God gave me one instruction: write! I sat quietly, on pause, for a year to make sure I heard Him correctly. Over and over again, He continuously sent people to me with the same message. It was all I heard and all I saw. It was a nagging that I could no longer run from. Although I am not new to writing or blogging for that matter, I know that God has purposed this season in life for me to share my stories not only to help others, but to honor Him.

So, this little blog on the internet, this little corner on the world wide web is me using wisdom and an overwhelming amount of courage to be obedient to a Father who has called me AND my stories of wisdom and courage, along with my stories of Wisdom and Courage, my sweet little daughters.

These last several years of my life haven't come without deep heartbreak and pain, my own level of bondage and a wilderness season that I thought I would never find my way out of, but like most things, even in deep loss, I had the wisdom to know that my life wasn't over and enough courage to fight toward renewed hope, purpose and that promise of restoration that only God can provide.

If this is your first interaction with my family and me, thank you for being here. I hope you will stick around. If you have been rocking with us for some time, I can't put into words what it means that you are still here. I pray that as you get to know me and read about my life that you are able to look back on your own and you see that you too are being guided. That you have all that you need inside to accomplish whatever it is that is tugging at your heart, in whatever season you find yourself in. All you need is the wisdom to know and the courage to go after it.

Let my life be a road map that you can make something out of nothing and have beauty for ashes.

Again, thank you for being here.

with strength, courage and wisdom,


Wisdom, age 7 & Courage, 8 months

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