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Around South Sound: Waffle Stop Tacoma

August has so much to celebrate and one of those things is waffles. Saturday, August 24th was National Waffle Day and as a “good mom,” I had to take my family to partake in the festivities. Although I am not a major sweet breakfast food eater ( I love a good savory breakfast of fish, meat and grits and potatoes) my family LOVES all the sugary breakfast foods: cereal, pancakes and YES, you guessed it, waffles. There’s a new local spot in our Proctor District here in Tacoma called Waffle Stop and Ike and I have tried several times to visit because we had heard so much about it but we never had the opportunity because every time we would go the lines would be “wrapped around the corner” long. Recently, we FINALLY got the opportunity to visit and we absolutely loved it.

What makes Waffle Stop so special besides being a local business, is that all of their ingredients are locally sourced, made from scratch and the ingredients are REALLY fresh. Our waffles were so hot and fresh that we had to wait for them to cool down to eat them. AND they aren’t just a waffle joint, they also offer lunch and are the perfect brunch spot for a solo treat, a one on one or a group date. It’s so nice to have a place in Tacoma like waffle stop that does one of our favorite comfort foods right and it gives us all the feels with its classic diner like experience. They really paid attention to the details and it’s all instagrammable too!

My family had the Nashville Hot Chicken and Waffle, the Nutella S.B., the Garlic Parmesan Fries and the classic Buttermilk and they were SO SO tasty and don’t get me started on their drinks. Don’t forget to try the Elderflower Mimosa - it is SO good.

If you are looking for a place for breakfast in the South Sound, I 100% put my stamp of approval on what is happening over at Waffle Stop. Supporting family owned business is the thing to do and this is one I want to see around for years to come - what a lovely tradition Saturday morning waffles can be. Be sure to check them out!

Waffle Stop

2710 N Proctor St

Tacoma, WA

with strength, courage and wisdom,


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